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Room Service

I know you like every inch of this room.

I know you like every inch of this room.

Made a living inside this room
Found my way with your eyes
Lips pressed against your forehead
You’re no stranger, I know you like every inch of this room
I’ll meet your needs & all that’s in between
What I do, I do for you

Hand to cheek, holding your smile in place
Been this way since we set foot in this place
Fingers running through your hair as though chasing after a dream
But I haven’t left your side, no not even once
Kiss me & we’ll jump & touch the sky

Legs draped over mine, we’re past the point of worrying about crossing lines
Feel my breath escape into you, I’ll keep your soul warm
I don’t have to leave tonight
I just want to know the world inside you
It’s not this place, it’s the company that you’ll keep always

For every laugh, there’s a purpose
For every story, there’s a listener
For every worry, there’s a bright side
For every tear, there’s a capacity for love
Tell me what you want

I’m here to give you what you want
What if I could be what you want?
Ask for me & I’ll be there

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