Friend of Mine


Our friends are a reflection of who we are, and who we want to be.

Friend of mine, don’t let me die in my ways.
Guide me towards happiness without an end.
I’ve been living as though I’ve already flat-lined.
Get me out of my mind, make me feel better than any way I can think of.

I cannot tell a lie whether black or white.
I want to be a better person, but you can’t change me.
When I’m not myself, remind me who I was when everything was fine.

Let me wish without a hint of reality.
Question my fears before they become a second skin.
Bring your light when darkness blinds me.

Pull back the curtains, look behind my every compulsion.
Show me what dreams may come if I keep quiet.
Terms of sweet endearment are wasted on the deaf of heart, but I know that you can hear what I feel.

Friend of mine, don’t let me die undefined.
Angels know I mean well everyday.
For all that I know and all that I’ve loved, I long to be good.
I see all that is wrong with me.
Let me be what’s right, when it’s wrong.

Friend of mine, I’ll see you tomorrow with a smile upon my face.

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Show Me Your Soul


I look for you in every moment I have on my own.
Whispering the only name that has any meaning,
Hoping that you’ll hold these dreams, so that I may sleep at night.
If you must keep me awake, make this night a light worth looking towards.

She said,
Love me better, kiss me more.
Show me your soul.

Save your regret for the things you’ve lost.
I’m not mercurial, I’m here, like I said I’d always be.
I’ll give you my life from morning till night.
Give me peace of mind, make the world disappear.

She said,
Make me better, know me more.
Show me your soul.

Hold me with hope for the ages.
Wait a minute before you read my lips with yours.
Take the time to mean the words that you put into me.
Taste the heaven and hell I’ve come from to be with you.

She said,
Show me your soul.
It’s the only thing I want.
Show me your soul,
When it’s my time.

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Two Words: Reward Yourself

Originally posted on Real Life, Creative & Unscripted:

My two words in equal to my 2 cents, it just makes sense.

Two Words: Reward Yourself

Sometimes in life we get so busy and always pushing we forget to put ourselves first and add a bit of joy to our lives.  This is a reminder to you for all the hard work you do or energy to put in daily or weekly, you should reward yourself with something.  Your happiness is important.  So make time for your happiness or a slice of happy humble pie.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

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Live A Little

How it begins is not how it ends.
Everything in between is yours to try, so carry on.
Try until there are no questions left.

Enjoy the difference.
Trust this time.
Take a chance.

Expose yourself to something unlike anything before.
Only when you’ve died to have something will you find out what you’re truly living for.
Return to me, not as you were, but as someone tried and true.

For every experience there will be a hundred more.
I want you to remember those moments.
I want to see that spark in your eyes that makes everything feel brand new.

Live a little, not for me, for you.

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Sunsets Aren’t The Same

At times I am terrified of the happiness I’ve felt.
Of the sunsets I’ve seen.
By the time the night has found its way to me, my thoughts have become darker than it ever could be.

There are no stars when your life has been lived blindly.
These last few hours haven’t felt the same.

I can’t be the same now.

I will not search for things in the past, and I will not wait for the future.
I am simply present.
Where are you?

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