Red Wine


We take pleasure in our punch drunk recreation...

Her wine fueled touch tempts me.
How am I supposed to behave with her lips tracing along my neck, staining my body with desire?
She doesn’t want surrender, she wants exploration.
Red wine gave her vision, and I’ve become her focus.

Fearlessly she presses her body into mine, looking for a reaction.
I acknowledge her intoxicating presence with a sly smile upon my face.
She doesn’t need my permission, she already had that and she knows it.

She wants my attention, my curiosity.

She is in her element with this full glass in her hand, there is no need to pretend.
Now I understand, she is not ruled by her liquor, she truly is liberated by it.
With every taste she becomes irresistibly untamed.

As this bottle empties, her heart & heat overflow into me, and I drink her in without restraint.

Quick, quick, slow, each kiss dances to the flow of its own tempo.
We take pleasure in our punch drunk recreation; each mischievous embrace arouses laughter & wild exuberance.
On top of me she is on top of the world, and I come alive under her natural glow with the lights down low.

Our clothes have faded into the background along with the smooth Jazz horns & soulful melodies which once filled the room.
We are no longer influenced by music, but instead by the vibrant red glow of 19 Crimes Shiraz Durif and the texture of full-bodied skin to skin.
The red running through us shows us how we feel.

Red wine is the remedy, forget what’s on our minds.
Satisfaction can be oh so sobering as you hold onto me.
What remains is something we can’t describe, but it is real.

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Personality Or Preference?


You decide.

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Day For Night (Midnight Sun)


In the mixed essence of our coloured shadows...

I belong to the night, where my worries have been put to rest.
You belong to the day while your dreams chase the Sun.
We meet only in passing, long enough to glimpse moments filled with countless words.

Separation is impossible, distance be damned.
The objects of our desires are closer than they seem.
Every touch is a phenomenon.

Expectation is a mix of our history and hope.
Meet me in the middle, make my nights clear as day.
Wasn’t looking for mythology, we were seeking modern life.

The times have changed, white nights are on the horizon.
In your atmosphere the world is not totally dark, and in the night I’ll show you things you’ve never seen.
Our twilight bond is reflected in the mixed essence of our coloured shadows.

I belong to the night, you belong to the day.
You make me glow, and I want to show how brilliantly your beauty radiates.
My Midnight Sun, I believe that you are something special.

This kiss is my confession, call it day for night.

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Quotes: Find Myself


“I was never concerned with where I would find myself, only when.” – Stephen Quammie

Sometimes I find myself in the littlest moments, saying or doing something, and I smile to myself thinking “This feels right, this is what I should be doing”.

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Something in the Night


Something in the night...

Show me your story as I look into your eyes

When your soul’s curious your body follows suit
The more we see, the more we wish to know
Discovery is supposed to be different
Let’s live with the night and the light at our backs

Your touch, I deserve it

Utter that which sets you free under moonlight
Fill what was empty with love as the ocean mirrors the sky
Our sense of self sees something in one another that refuses to be washed away
Drown out all that keeps us apart

Kiss yesterday goodbye

We’ll go deeper without hesitation
Peace of mind between trusted fingertips
Time can’t curb this curiosity
Everything is nothing at first
Lasting appeal warrants repeated viewings

Something in the night erases all that’s black and white
Something in the night calms and ignites our souls
Something in the night makes us true
Something in the night 

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