When To Put Down The Pen

1) You’ve had more than enough characters running around in your head.

2) The cramps in your style outweigh the cramps in your hand.

3) There’s nothing more you can say. Every detail seems lackluster & understated.

4) It’s time to put down the pen when you can do so with ease. The addiction has lost its appetite.

5) If you don’t care about the misstakes you’ve obviously made, u should stop.

6) Recklessly excessive use of unnecessary words is a major sign you’ve gone over the deep end. Word porn can be annoying.

Disclaimer: I am not “putting down the pen”.

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4 thoughts on “When To Put Down The Pen

  1. TemptingSweets99

    Glad YOU’RE not putting the pen down. 😉


  2. Very nice…I wont put the pen down either…


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