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Light Of My Life


Show me what I’m afraid to admit.

Light of my life.
I’m lost, chasing what I can’t have.
Guide me to a place where peace resides.
Show me what I’m afraid to admit.

Everyone sees what they want.
When the world goes dark brighten my perspective.
Old ways and new fears got me second guessing.
Show me the lies we love.

It’s time to move on.
False future fears are really nothing at all.
I won’t be blinded by a nameless existence.
Show me the light in my heart, mind and soul.

Be that dream I can touch.
Light of my life.

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These walls were never meant to last

These walls keep me safe
I know what to expect
Outside I am vulnerable

These walls make me blind
I don’t know how I feel inside
Rearrange my expectations

Love can hurt sometimes
Show me a better world
All this unfinished business has to end

Kiss me out of my mind
Show me a better love
Step by step until no walls remain

Love is on the other side
There’s a world inside you
Let it out until every brick crumbles

Look around but not down
These walls were never meant to last
I’ll see you on the other side

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Guess Who’s Back?

For the past few months I haven’t felt a need or hunger for exploration or expression through writing. Meeting new and exciting people while doing new and exciting things has motivated me to continue writing. Continue reading

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Spare Parts


Rid me of these spare parts.
Remove everything that’s overcome me.
Strip me bare.

Humble my expectations.
Stop me from hanging on to reasons without reason.
Set me free.

Lessen these complications.
Bare bones & bristling with sweet simplicity.
Take me back to basics.

I want to be, not to seem.

Show me what I really am.
Give me nothing & I’ll make something out of it.

I want to start anew.

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Where Do I Begin?


I have more faith than you can see.
I’ll wait patiently for you to come alive.
When you come face to face with what you want, ask the right questions.

Where do I begin?

I find myself deep in the paper & pen passions filling my head;
what consumes your precious time that way?
Not just anything will do when your dream is obtainable.
You need something for yourself.

Where do I begin?

When everyone’s gone this feeling remains.
I’m not afraid at the end of days, darkness doesn’t bother me,
especially when I feel the touch of your skin.
That’s what you bring to me.

Where do you begin?

I look to you, like the Sun to the Sky, maybe one day you’ll see it too.
Find yourself before you find me again.
Come back to me more alive than you’ve ever been.

Where do you begin?

Your heart isn’t debatable, once you’re sure of what you’ve found.
Look for that light in your eyes that collides just right with the Universe.

Where do I begin?
With a soul that seeks an honest heart.
Where do you begin?
You’ve only just begun.

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