Last One

The last time I was here, you said that this would never be.
But it’s plain to see that this is what it feels like to be wrong.
It’s different now that we know where we belong.
You just keep on moving from the back to the front of my mind.
Just give it some time.
Fade into the night.

The last one is always the first one on my mind.
The last one was nothing like this.
This is so incredible; I can’t believe we waited so long.
The last one is just a memory now that you’re where I want to be.

You never know what’s coming around the bend,
but then again it’s always like this when I’m in over my head.
My heart causes nothing but trouble, but I’m addicted to the danger.
I should know better, but I can’t help myself when I’m next to you.
I’ve done too much to take it all back, and yet I haven’t done enough to satisfy my lust for you.
Yeah, my heart wasn’t built to multi-task.
I can love many, but there’s only one that I want to be in love with.
It’s nothing new, this addiction of mine to the finer things in life.

The last one couldn’t keep up, so I had to shut it down.
The last one didn’t last, but it was fun for a minute, I’ll admit it.
This time I’m not wasting time waiting.
It’s different now that you’re where I want to be.

I see nothing wrong with being blunt as long as I can have you a little longer,
and make you feel my love just that much stronger.
I can’t run or hide from this.
From the beginning I want to be that person that will never leave you alone.
So save the games for children and the lies for lawyers.
I just want to cut to the heart of the matter, so that I can save both of us some time.
This is critical, let’s make more than a memory.
Now that you know where I stand, will you stay with me?

This is the only way that I know how to live.
Just so you know, there’s no comparison; you’re the one I’m thinking of.
Prepare yourself.
Just you wait & see, now that you’re where I want to be.
Be the first one on my mind.
Be the last one on my mind.

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