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Lust Is Not Lost


We are reflections of what we want.
Night and day spent running to and from our own desires.
We are not who we think we are, we are who we become.
Innocence is an act when your eyes are on me.
Awaken the love drunk animals craving union.

There’s no reason to be afraid of this delicious obsession.
I like to watch your figure in action claiming satisfaction.
We’ve got inhibitions to lose as we lust and thrust.
Baptized in our dangerous appetite, we indulge in the things we shouldn’t.
Decisions, decisions, there are so many ways to make you moan.

Pleasure is a prison we can’t escape by design.
Days go by when you take me under.
Melody making body to body until the Sun comes for us.
Dirty dancing until we’re half off the bed.
Your wild ways keep me in a trance.

Keep your eyes on me as I explore your peaks and valleys.
Your luscious lips feel nothing short of amazing.
Let me trace your exquisite taste with the tip of my tongue.
Don’t look at the time when you’re mine.
Ride my body till the end of the line.

There’s something deeper happening beneath these sheets.
Surrender to the experience, chanting names while holding the sublime.
No separation until our souls transcend this room.
Every motion is a miracle merging us with the stars.
Heaven’s pouring down, overflowing until we drown.

Lust is not lost on us.

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I look at you, and I don’t know what comes next.
Every thought comes to a stop, emotions keep running.
I feel everything through you.
I become nothing and everything.

We become silence and sound.
There’s pure poetry in the way we connect.
Something I can’t define.
I know all I need to know, because I know you.

You are my forever.

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The vibrations between us fill the air
So don’t you dare stop
We don’t have to speak to keep it going

Signs are what we make them
You get what you give & I get you
It’s only you & me now that we’ve aligned our frequencies
These syncopated feelings could lead to harmony
Feel everything you do, like it’s subliminal; shifting this point of view so effortlessly

Like radar or sonar, so far our love below keeps picking up right where we left off
There’s nothing shallow about what we do
Good vibes breed good times

I hear heaven in your every breath
As you show me something I haven’t seen yet
Something so sublime can’t wait for another life to begin
Now is all that we have, so we can’t possibly stop

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It Wouldn’t Be The Worst Thing

If you fell asleep in my arms I wouldn’t wake you
If you said I love you with your lips against mine, I’d agree
With your body beside mine I would have no regrets
You could stay with me now & forever
It wouldn’t be the worst thing

Love is my friend, forget all your plans
Late nights, early mornings, you’re still here right or wrong
It’d be a lie if I didn’t want you too
Truthfully, I’ve felt this way from the moment you asked me to stay

I need your touch to make this right
Hold the line, I’ve been moved by the stillness that you bring
Give me your grace, you’re so beautiful
Quiet your storms when you think of me
No more days of thunder under this warm embrace
I will fall for you now & again

I will fall

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