The Science of Affection

What do I care if we never see eye to eye again?
Obviously I care enough that I had to come find you and show you how much I need you.
What I think of you is much broader than I’ve let on, and that was my mistake.
There should be no question of who’s got your back; I will be there, as close as you need me to be.
You’re broken, let me make you feel better.
You see my affection collected in the little things that I’ve done.
Give way to the things that are bigger than we’ll ever hope to be.

When it comes to you – I can only turn it up, not off.
Affection is a demonstration that feels so right.
So when you feel good let it be, don’t let it flee.
Feel the weight of our worlds colliding and embrace it for all that it’s worth.
I need you to be honest, to be whole.
Say what you need to say to move me in your direction.
Push away all that clutter and hesitance in your mind and let me through.

There is no exact formula – Trial and error breeds its own rewards.
Too much too soon – Overload.
Love is too honest, too real.
Silent conversations – Message received.
So much is said by so little.

The moments we create can’t be duplicated, only attempted again with great anticipation.
Someone’s going to take you and run away with you, let me be the one.
Let me nurture your soul, your essence supreme.
Don’t you want to be on my mind?
I want to know how you feel.
Let me show you how safe it feels to feel safe while I hold on to you a little longer than I should.

There is no science to affection, only magic and what we make of it.
I can’t make you see it, that’s something that you have to see for yourself.
You’re going to get it sooner or later.

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2 thoughts on “The Science of Affection

  1. Wow! Very poignant.


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